Thu 14 Dec 2017 Final Class

This final assignment will be graded according to

  • Does the essay show a connection to at least 3 concepts? (3 pts)
  • Does the essay accurately show how the concepts are connected to the issue or solution? (6 pts)
  • Are there both descriptive and prescriptive questions? (3 pts)
  • Is the overall writing clear and convincing? (3 pts)

Thu 7 Dec 2017 Class 31


The final exam will be available on Moodle by Tuesday night of finals week. You will print it yourself and bring it to the final. It is due at the beginning of the final exam.

I haven't finished the midterm 2 grading yet but hope to have it done by when the final goes out.

All late tokens must be done by 5pm on Friday of finals week.

Tue 5 Dec 2017 Class 30


  • Only 32% of the class has responded to the SETE

Follow up from last class

Controversial Idea

Thu Nov 30 2017 Class 29

Reading Reflection Quotes

With all the problems that the public is focusing I am surprised that palm oil plantations are not on the radar.

Is it ethical for companies to buy from suppliers who contribute to deforestation just to save a few bucks?

My question is why haven't we reduced this ingredient/product after having this knowledge of what it's doing to our plant and forests?

Class 27

The last reading reflection is due Thursday Nov. 30th.

Indonesia Fire Video

Class 25

Class 24

Encouraging Developments

Class 23

Tue 07 Nov 2017

Class 18

19 Oct 2017

Class 11

26 Sep 2017

Class 9

19 Sep 2017

  • Midterm this Thursday, Sep 21
  • Blue Scantron (Form No. SC982-E) picture
  • Midterm is closed book, notes, internet

Class 6

7 Sep 2017