Mon 11 Dec 2017

Wed 6 Dec 2017

Take home and in-class final exam

The last take home exam/midterm will be handed out Friday morning and will be due at the beginning of the final exam. Your exam score for the class will be the highest of these two grades.


You will turn in a PDF format copy of your final project on Moodle. You will also turn in a DOCX format copy of your final project on Moodle.

Each team member will write a short description of each team member's key contributions and turn in on paper today.

Late work

All late work tokens must be handled by 5pm Friday of exam week.

Wed 29 Nov 2017

Austin found a great document explaining automobile impacts.

Mon 27 Nov 2017

Project Rough draft is due Wednesday at the start of class. I have a first draft of my current manuscript.

In the news: Keystone XL was approved recently.

Wed 08 Nov 2017

The Government Accountability Office released a report on the financial effects of climate change.

The Climate Science Special Report was also recently released as part of the Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA4).

Wed 27 Sep 2017 - Class 10

Midterm 1 Learning Objectives

Background, Context, History of energy, and epistemology

  • Describe the role of energy technologies in human history.
  • Describe the basics of how we gather information and science around energy.

Energy Estimations and Models

  • Able to perform estimates of energy quantities using scientific notation, magnitudes, dimensions, and units.
  • Use the factor-label method to communicate these estimates.
  • Able to describe assumptions and models to others.
  • Develop intuition about the relative amounts of energy needed for different tasks.

Energy Conversion

  • Recognize categories of energy (kinetic, potential, chemical, etc.)

Energy Production

  • Describe operation and energy conversion of major energy production technologies
  • Recognize and describe primary and secondary sources of energy
  • Describe proven reserves, possible reserves, potential reserves
  • Find and interpret data on the relative contributions of each energy source.
  • Describe combustion and photosynthesis

Energy Services

  • Describe the energy conversions to provide transportation.
  • Describe the energy conversions to provide industrial and small-scale agriculture.
  • Describe the energy conversions to provide human dwellings.

Energy Access

  • Describe negative effects from the lack of access to safe energy sources.
  • Understand the barriers preventing energy access from reaching everyone

Wed 20 Sep 2017 - Class 8

Quiz Groups

0Jordan Joseph MachtolffLydia Esther VassAlexandria Janelle Sadler
1Alexander Luc Mia Van WonterghemSean Son Jr NguyenArden Kelly Childers
2Samantha Lynne CobbAmanda R StewartBenjamin Hunter Whipple
3Michael Joseph CamposElaini Maria VargasAdrien Vierra
4Elisabeth Antonetta HaggardOwen Thompson GoodeGregory Harmatz Rosen
5Sinoun PhoungHayley Jordan FourattMelanie Marie Luster
6Bajun Dhunjisha MavalwallaJacob Anthony AndrewsAmelia Louise Baker
7Jordan Louis FilakShauna Nicole LanganClaire C Sugihara
8Julia Anne Walker IKelsey R HaydonNicholas Frederick Duchesne
9Maxwell Charles GilbertAnna Elaine HolbrookJosephine Payson Clements
10Jailene SoteloClayton Matthew HutchesonMartin Kenneth Christensen
11Jake Lee SavilleEvan Alden HoffmannTyler Fredrick Rush

18 Sep 2017 - Class 7


Discuss in groups how you would begin to answer these questions? What smaller questions might need to be asked?

  • Is it too late to “save” the planet?
  • Does being a vegetarian even make a difference?
  • How efficient is solar energy?
  • How much of fossil fuels play in a role when making solar panels?
  • Can the implementation of a carbon tax actually make an impact on the use of fossil fuels and coal in America?
  • Who has the biggest monopoly on our current energy system?
  • Is it possible to have everyone driving electric cars by 2050?
  • Does the cost to the environment of using fossil fuels outweigh the cost of creating wind/solar/water energy?
  • How much longer until our renewable energy sources match the cheapness of fossil fuels?
  • Which renewable energy source is the most cost effective?
  • How much CO2 could be sequestered by planting more native grass lands?

28 Aug 2017 - Class 2