Energy Forum, GEP 416, Spring 2018

Instructor Daniel Soto
Office Stevenson 3016E
Meeting Time Th 5:00 pm - 6:50 pm
Classroom ETC (Environmental Technology Center)
Units 2

Office Hours

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Course Description

The Energy Forum is a lecture series offered in the spring semester of each year. Its goal is to expose students to current ideas and activities in the energy field, support interaction with the professional community, find out about the work some of our alumni are doing. It is my hope that the course will expose you to topics, speakers, careers and firms that you find interesting and worth pursuing. Energy Forum sessions typically feature a guest speaker making a one-hour presentation on an energy-related topic, followed by a question-and-answer period. Forum presentations at the ETC are open to members of the SSU community and the general public if space permits;

Learning Objectives

  • Able to describe the application of energy skills and knowledge in professional contexts
  • Able to describe the value of your academic preparation to professionals
  • Able to plan post-graduate learning and training to qualify for future work
  • Able to prepare questions for a speaker based on a lecture
  • Exposure to professional opportunities
  • Exposure to new technologies and business models
  • Development of professional communication skills

Course Requirements

ENSP majors or minors, junior- or senior-level standing.


This course is graded on a Credit/No Credit basis. To receive credit, you must:

  • Meet the attendance requirement
  • Attend an outside event
  • Turn in three assignments by the deadlines listed below


Attend at least 14 of 15 Forum meetings. You may substitute an additional Outside Forum (see below) for any missed class. An attendance sheet will be circulated during each session; it is your responsibility to sign it.

Reflection Papers

Your reflection paper will reflect on the following questions relating the presentation to your learning goals

  • What skills do you think you need to develop to work at this organization?
  • What knowledge do you need to have?
  • What is your plan between now and when you would be applying to acquire the knowledge and skills you would need?

To receive credit for your paper it must

  • Be 500 to 1000 words in length.
  • Be written in clear English without distracting errors.
  • Have college-level organization and paragraph structure.
  • Show a depth of thought and attention.

Due Dates

Assignments are due one week after the speaker's visit. Please turn them in at the links below by the start of class the next week.

To ensure consistent effort and consideration of all speakers, you are requested to turn in at one assignment by the following date.

  • Thu 29 Mar 2018 11:59 pm

If you want to deviate from this schedule, you must obtain permission in advance from the instructor. If you miss this deadline without permission, you will be asked to write an additional essay in order to get credit for this assignment.

Please turn in your assignments on Moodle.

Resume and Cover Letter

This assignment is to write a draft cover letter of the type you are likely to send to a prospective employer. For one of the lectures, find a job opening at the organization or describe one based on an existing position. Write a letter as if you were applying to the organization.

Here is a cover letter guide.

Here is a resume guide.

Outside Forum

For this outside forum, you may turn in either a reflection paper as described above or a resume and cover letter.

An outside forum is

  • Relevant to energy or climate
  • At the professional or collegiate level
  • Be live and in-person unless approved in advance

It is highly recommended that you choose a Energy Education Class for your outside forum. PG&E has excellent classes at this link.

Speaker Questions

You will submit questions for our speakers during every lecture you attend. You will turn these in on Moodle.

To receive credit your question must

  • Be relevant to the lecture
  • Reflect engagement with the lecture
  • Appear independently conceived


Respectful tone in classroom Civility is required from all students during discussions and interactions.

Minimize electronic distractions Internet-connected electronic devices (phones, tablets) may be used in class for learning purposes. Using devices for social networks or other uses during class time is strongly discouraged.

Course Schedule

The tentative schedule for our speakers is:

Thu 25 Jan 2018 Introduction
Thu 1 Feb 2018 Daniel Soto
Thu 8 Feb 2018 Lauren Casey, Regional Climate Protection Authority
Thu 15 Feb 2018 Ted Tiffany, Guttman and Bloevet
Thu 22 Feb 2018 Woody Hastings, Center for Climate Protection
Thu 1 Mar 2018 David Liebman, Santa Rosa Junior College
Thu 8 Mar 2018 Amy Rider, Archamy Consulting
Thu 15 Mar 2018 Jay Goldin, Munich Re
Thu 22 Mar 2018 Spring Break
Thu 29 Mar 2018 Kevin Gilleran, Gilleran Energy
Thu 5 Apr 2018 Clayton Piatt, Cypress Creek Renewables
Thu 12 Apr 2018 Daisy Meyer, Grid Alternatives
Thu 19 Apr 2018 Allison Jenks, Santa Rosa Junior College
Thu 26 Apr 2018 Utility Energy Forum speaker
Thu 3 May 2018 Recent Grad Panel
Thu 10 May 2018 Review

University Policies

There are important University policies that you should be aware of, such as the add/drop policy; cheating and plagiarism policy, grade appeal procedures; accommodations for students with disabilities and the diversity vision statement. Go to this URL to find them.