Mon 11 Dec 2017 (Final)

Wed 29 Nov 2017 (C27)

The California Legislative Analyst's Office recently released an evaluation of the cost effectiveness of ZNE buildings.

Evaluating Zero Net Energy Buildings

NRDC Rebuttal

Mon 27 Nov 2017 (C26)

Interesting story on moving heat around.

Last class session, we calculated the average temperature in the kitchen over the ice cube period as 19C.

Class 21

Quiz Teams

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Class 10

Wed 27 Sep 2017

Midterm 1 Learning Objectives

Heat Transfer

  • Describe physical mechanisms of conduction, convection, and radiation.
  • Recognize the heat transfer mechanisms in physical situations
  • Create and present estimations of power and energy flow from conduction and heating materials
  • Select reasonable mathematical models for common physical situations.
  • Convert thermal quantities between common unit systems.
  • Able to describe the dimensions of thermal quantities.
  • Able to relate the heat flow through an object based on its dimensions and properties.
  • Able to relate the energy added to a material to its temperature rise, mass, and properties.
  • Able to calculate R and U values for a given insulating structure

Electricity and circuits

  • Use circuit models to describe heat flow in physical systems
  • Calculate energy and heat delivered by electrical systems given voltage and current

Quantitative Argument

  • Produce descriptions of estimates that clearly describe models, intentions, and implementations.
  • Draw diagrams that clearly indicate energy flows and other important physical quantities.


  • Able to create and communicate reproducible models and calculations of energy quantities.