Curriculum Assistant Position

I am redesigning a class (ENSP 439L Computer Applications in Energy Management and Design) that will use the student dorms as a laboratory. We will be collecting data from the dorms on energy use and performing analysis as part of the class.

I am seeking a student assistant interested in developing their programming skills to help organize the class materials. Since the students in the class do not have previous programming experience, this curriculum assistant and the instructor will develop exercises that give students experience analyzing and working with data. We will be using Python tools including the Jupyter Notebook for students to work in, SageMathCloud as a hosted environment, and Flask as a micro-framework for web visualizations.


  • Retrieving data from dorm electricity meters and converting to formats that students can work with easily.
  • Prototyping visualizations of dorm energy use for the class and for the public.
  • Creating tools that remove complexity and confusion from the data allowing students to focus on learning and exploration.


  • Ability to work independently on ambiguous problems
  • Experience with web programming
  • Interest in data visualization and web visualizations
  • Interest in creating student curriculum around computing and analysis
  • Available to meet weekly in-person or online


Please send me an email with an explanation of your qualifications, current skills, interests, academic background, and how this project fits with your career goals.