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Internship Materials

You can find materials related to internships below. Once you find an internship you are interested, please read the syllabus and fill out the electronic form below.

Office Hours

To sign up for office hours, follow this link


If your are coming to office hours for course advising, please come prepared with all the information you need to support your decision. Specifically, you should review and have access to paper or electronic copies of the following materials:

  • Your four-year graduation plan with all your planned classes.
  • Study plan documents from the ENSP website with the degree requirements.
  • The ENSP sections of the course catalog with sample four-year graduation plans.
  • The ENSP sections of the course catalog with course descriptions.

Ideally, you will have taken pre-calculus and your first semester of physics before the end of your sophomore year. This is because the math and physics courses are prerequisites for ENSP 337 and ENSP 338. Read the study plan and the course descriptions carefully for more details on the classes and requirements.

Typical course offerings

When planning, note that the core ENSP EMD classes are not held every semester or year. The table below provides a listing of the typical semesters they are offered.

Class Next Likely Semesters
GEP 315 (ENSP 201) Environmental Forum Fall 2018, Fall 2019, Fall 2020
GEP 202 (ENSP 202) Quantitative Methods Spring 2019, Spring 2020
GEP 373 (ENSP 330) Energy, Technology, and Society Fall 2018, Fall 2019
GEP 473 (ENSP 337) Thermal Energy Management Fall 2019, Fall 2021
GEP 474 (ENSP 338) Electrical Energy Management Fall 2018, Fall 2020
GEP 416 (ENSP 430) Energy Forum Spring 2018, Spring 2019, Spring 2020
GEP 475 (ENSP 437) Passive Solar Design Spring 2018, Spring 2020
GEP 476 (ENSP 438) Small-scale Energy Sources Spring 2019, Spring 2021
GEP 477 (ENSP 439L) Computer Applications in EMD Spring 2017