Learning Objectives

The objective of the internship is for you to gain experience working in a professional setting. You will see how your classroom knowledge is applied to the work that energy professionals do.

Internship Agreement

The internship is administered differently than your usual classes. Please read the following carefully. You will fill out the Internship Agreement form before beginning work so that the student, advisor, and supervisor are all in agreement. In the beginning of the semester you intend to get credit, you will submit the filled and signed form to the ENSP office and we will submit it to Admissions and Records. Admissions and records adds the units to your schedule.

  • Download a pre-filled form from my teaching website http://danielrsoto.com/teaching.html
  • Fill the form electronically with supervisor, print and get signatures.
  • After all signatures are complete, in the office, create a scanned copy for your records

Course Requirements

There is an end of semester report including a 1000 word essay, and other materials.

End of Semester Report

  1. Summary sheet with the title of your internship, names and contact information for the company and your supervisor, dates, and number of units
  2. A 1000-word summary that describes whether or not you achieved your learning goals during the internship.
  3. Your time and activities log demonstrating that you have fulfilled the 45 hour per unit of credit time requirement.
  4. A sample of work you completed during your internship.
  5. A short (one or two paragraph) letter of evaluation from your supervisor. This letter should briefly discuss the type of work you performed and your performance during the internship.

Please name this file First Last End Report.pdf (for example Ernest Moniz End Report.pdf). If you have multiple internships, please add a number to distinguish them. These materials are due on 5pm on the Friday of finals week.

Submission Links and Due Dates

To use these links, you must provide your Sonoma State credentials. Please be sure that your browser identity is set to you@sonoma.edu. If you are having problems, try using the private mode or incognito mode of your browser which removes any identity information from your browser.


This course is graded on a Credit/No-Credit basis. Be sure you fill this out correctly on the form.

Finding an internship

This is one of the more challenging aspects of the internship. It is your responsibility to identify and pursue opportunities which will be good practice for your entry into the job market.

  • Identify the type of experience you want to gain. Do you want a technical internship, a marketing internship, or something else? Once you have this is mind you can look for companies doing what you are interested in.
  • Identify possible companies. Look for companies in the area that are doing the work you are interested in.
  • Reach out to these companies. Do you know students who have already held internships at these companies? Can you get an introduction? You can also send a brief and professional email if you do not have a way to get an introduction.
  • Ask your fellow students. Are they currently looking? What sorts of internships have they found?