Research Assistant Position

I am searching for students to work on a research project. This project is analyzing survey data and electricity data from approximately 1000 households in Indonesian villages. You will be inspecting the data for anomalies or errors. You will be searching for patterns in the data that help predict electricity use. You will receive close mentoring from me and I will have high expectations for your productivity. During the research, you will gain advanced skills using spreadsheets, scientific computing in Python, and data visualization. This is a research project so you will work on hard problems without obvious destinations. These are not the types of problems we give in class, they are ambiguous and messy and therefore great training for your careers. They require a large degree of independence and motivation from you. If this sounds like a fun challenge for you, please inquire.

Lake Sentani Islands


  • Analyze data and inspect for problems or inconsistencies
  • Create summary tables and visualizations of data
  • Investigate patterns in data that impact electricity usage
  • Produce blog posts, posters, or manuscripts communicating our results


  • Interest in energy and electricity
  • Interest in learning computational data analysis and statistics techniques
  • Ability to work independently
  • Can meet for a lab meetings once or twice per week


Please send me an email with an explanation of your qualifications, current skills, interests, academic background, and how this project fits with your career goals.

Appliance Ownership Data