In my classes, I often assign students to random teams. I use a simple notebook to do this. From the roster, I prepare a list of strings of student names. I then randomize the list and partition it into groups. I render this in an HTML table to make it easy to read and project it on the screen.

This semester, I'm adding a few widgets to make it easier to use and configure quickly during class. The widget framework supplied by IPython makes it straightforward to create lightweight applications.

I make a class with a HTML representation method that allows it to be displayed by IPython's display functions. I also make a small function to randomize a list of strings representing student names.

To make the application, I set up widgets for the sizes of the teams and whether or not to shuffle the list. I have a function that outputs random groups of teams based on the list of students, the size of teams, and whether or not to shuffle the list. Finally, a button executes this function when pressed and creates a new table of teams.

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class ListTable(list):
    """ Overridden list class which takes a 2-dimensional list of 
        the form [[1,2,3],[4,5,6]], and renders an HTML Table in 
        IPython Notebook. """
    def _repr_html_(self):
        html = ["<table>"]
        for i, row in enumerate(self, start=1):
            # create row index
            # add elements in row
            for col in row:
            # close row
        return ''.join(html)
def group_students(students, groupsize, randomize=True):
    ''' Shuffle a list of strings and partition into groups.
        Returns a 2-d list of strings.'''
    templist = [s for s in students]
    if randomize:
        import random
    table = []
    for i in range(0, len(templist), groupsize):
    return table

students = [
'Amory Lovins',
'Art Rosenfeld',
'Daniel Yergin',
'Ernest Moniz',
'Gavin Schmidt',
'Henry Ford',
'James Watt',
'Judith Curry',
'Michael Mann',
'Stephen Schneider',
'Svante Arrhenius',
'Vaclav Smil',
In [2]:
import ipywidgets
from IPython.display import display, clear_output

# set up widgets
button = ipywidgets.Button(description="Create Teams")
team_size = ipywidgets.IntSlider(min=2, max=5, value=3, 
                                 description="Team Size")
randomize = ipywidgets.Checkbox(value=True, 

# define function called on button click
def on_button_clicked(b):

# render and run widgets
1Judith CurryVaclav SmilErnest Moniz
2James WattMichael MannAmory Lovins
3Stephen SchneiderSvante ArrheniusDaniel Yergin
4Henry FordArt RosenfeldGavin Schmidt

Unfortunately, the widgets don't render in this static blog post, but there is a slider for the size of the teams and a button to create a new random draw.

I have a link to an app using the Binder service where you can run this.

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